weight loss

weight loss. Cancer enters the life of one of the two people in recent years because of his or her relatives. Common symptoms in many types of cancer; Without cause of weight loss, fatigue and high fever with no weakness, but this disease can sometimes come quietly. In our country, the successful treatment of cancer affecting millions of people every year, early diagnosis and proper treatment planning plays an important role.

Listen to the signals your body gives

Cancer is a term used to identify more than 200 disease groups affecting one or more organs or regions of the body. It is an uncontrolled breeding of damaged cells in a particular tissue or organ, creating a mass or tumor. Although it is not a definite factor that causes cancer, there are many factors that increase the risk of cancer. The most important of these risk factors are; Smoking, obesity, some chemical substances brought by industrialization, still life, UV rays and some infections. The symptoms of cancer that mimic many diseases can also be similar to the symptoms of different illnesses. Most of the types of cancers are progressing rather insidious and only give symptoms in the final stage. Some cancers also reveal findings according to their organs. In addition, there are general complaints of cancer caused by the body, no matter which organ is settled. These are seen in almost every type of cancer; Symptoms such as weakness, sudden weight loss, anorexia, fever.

weight loss

Low dose thorax tomography can be life saver for smokers

Due to early detection of cancer scans, most of the cancers detected in early stages can be treated without causing vital losses. Commonly conducted screening tests; The cervix is the annual smear tests for cervical cancer, the annual mammography for breast cancer, latent blood for colorectal cancers, endoscopy, colonoscopy, low-dose thorax tomography for lung cancer and PSA test for prostate cancer. A low-dose thorax tomography for lung cancer, a very common type of cancer, is a very useful screening especially for smokers or people who are in a risky group with regard to lung cancer

Cancer treatment should be planned individually

Cancer is a disease that needs to be treated with a multidisciplinary approach in cooperation with many departments. Medical oncology is also an active role in the patient's treatment of cancer, whether it is directed to surgery, radiotherapy or any other department. Surgical methods are a key option for cancer. Radiotherapy, however, is the key to achieving successful results in cancer treatment. Forming part of systemic treatment; Chemotherapy, smart drugs and the treatment method of the last 5 years are very important in treating immunotherapy. Treatments should be applied differently according to the type and stage of cancer. In some patients, curative therapies are applied, whereas in some patients only palliative therapy is to prolong the patient's survival time and to reduce cancer-related complaints. The most important point in combating cancer is that the treatment is specifically planned and applied to the person.


The impact of psychological support in the success of treatment is great


In addition to medical applications to achieve successful results in treatment; It is also important that the patient and its relatives do not give up positive thinking and treatment. Patient psychology is very important, even in the control of nausea after chemotherapy. For; "Anticipation" is seen quite often. In this case, when the patient comes to the hospital and gets chemotherapy, he thinks he'll find his stomach. Psychological support greatly contributes to the positive approach of patient and patient relatives to the treatment process, not giving up treatment, continuity of treatment and success. Another factor affecting success in the treatment of cancer in a positive way is that the patient-patient relatives and the oncology team have a strong communication. The doctor answers all questions that the patient is curious about, explaining what it will face during the treatment, the patient is more likely to have the treatment.


Take care of Mediterranean type nutrition

Cancer is a preventable disease as long as it is followed by the rules of healthy living. In order to protect against cancer, it comes with a balanced diet and a lively lifestyle. For this purpose; The acquisition of Mediterranean-type nutrition habits is important. To reduce red meat and limit it to 2 portioning per week, more fish, olive oil and vegetable dishes to choose from, fruits, legumes, milk and dairy products are required to create a rich nutrition program. At least half an hour a day should participate in the movement of life with exercises such as a gentle brisk walk. In addition, it should be completely avoided from the cigarette, while alcohol consumption should be limited. Precautions should be taken to protect against infections, sexually transmitted diseases and the harmful effects of the sun. The solarium is much more harmful than the sun and should definitely avoid it.


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